Organization Guide

Step 2: Selecting a Storing Method

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Option 1 is to use cardboard boxes.Cardboard Boxes These are by far the cheapest method, but are not good for displaying your collection. These boxes come in many different sizes which are referred to by the number of cards a particular box can hold. For example 400, 600 or 800 size. For set collectors you can buy a box that will fit the entire set even if you don't have every card yet. Team collectors might buy one large box for each separate year. Collectors that focus on select players generally do not use boxes.

Option 2 is to use 3-ring binders and 9-pocket plastic pages. Plastic Pages and Binders In my opinion these are the best way to show off your collection and let people see what you have without the cards being touched. This method does cost a bit more as either a single binder or a pack of pages will cost more than several of the 800 size boxes. If you have the money to invest this is the way to go, placing one card in each pocket. To save a little money you can use both sides of the page, but be careful as it can damage the corners of the cards. AlbumSet collectors using this method will usually leave spots open for cards they are missing. That makes it easy to not only put the cards in later, but also to see what you still need of a set. Team collectors may leave some space at the end of a series for the ones they are missing, or even separate each year into individual binders. Player focused collections have the best visibility using pages. They may stick to one binder and just get bigger sizes as the collection grows.

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