Modern Card Brands

Upper Deck

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Upper Deck 1989Coming in late in the game Upper Deck started producing baseball cards in 1989. Leading the way with real photos on a glossy finish card, Upper Deck pioneered the use of hologram emblems to deter counterfeits. Not stopping there Upper Deck Upper Deck Game Used 1997introduced the first autographed insert card into the next years set. Some collectors were unsure about the next move. In 1997 Upper Deck cut up 3 game used jerseys and inserted "patches" of the fabric into cards. Since then the use of game used material has exploded in all sports cards.

In 2005, Upper Deck won the Fleer brand name at auction. Upper Deck continues to produce the Fleer brand without a skip in the years. While pack prices for Upper Deck products are higher than all others they produce a superior quality product. Collecting Upper Deck is a true future investment as the more money you sink it the better the return.

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