Modern Card Brands


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Donruss Diamond KingDonruss released their first card set in 1981 with 600 cards. In 1982, Donruss introduced a sub-set called Diamond Kings featuring artwork by Dick Perez. The Diamond King series has been a collector favorite ever since. 1982 also brought a new marketing gimmick to baseball cards. Donruss 1990 PackFearing a lawsuit from Topps, they inserted puzzle pieces instead of gum pieces in every pack. The pieces when put together would form a picture of famous ball player. Donruss continued inserting pieces thru 1990.

Through the 90's Donruss would take the role of underdog in the baseball card market. By 1998 Donruss put in a temporary halt to producing baseball cards. When their license renewal came up with the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) in 2001, Donruss decided to give it another go creatingDonruss 2001 Card two small sets to represent the missing years. This move would proof futile as the MLBPA would not renew their license in 2005. Today, Donruss still produces football and hockey cards under brand names like Donruss, Playoff, Leaf and Score.

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